Escapedemic Bundle


Escapedemic Bundle



Escapedemic Bundle: a nice escape bundle normaly for €29,98 now for only €22,50!


This Escapedemic Bundle contains:


There’s been an outbreak of an unknown virus and you’ve got to help to make a vaccin. To do so, you’ll have to solve 9 puzzles and keep the spread of the virus to an absolute minimum. After solving those 9 puzzles you’ll get to level X; this is a maze. Parts of the plan of this maze can be found in the secured files.

Escapedemic II Contagious:

We need your help once more. But now to check the files of our undercover agent, solve the puzzles and destroy the isolated virus. Again a very difficult task, but we believe that your up to it. You didn’t failed us last time.


If you want to go on this adventure, you’ll need the following:

  • Laptop/desktop/tablet with an internet connection.
  • A second device might be useful to scan QR-codes.
  • Paper to write.
  • A dice (only for Escapedemic)
  • Some scissors.
  • A printer would make the expierence of the escape room better.


Make sure you have it within reach before you start. Good luck with Escapedemic Online Escape and of course saving the world!


Escapedemic brought to you by:

2 Escape Online a collaboration of MakingTomorrow and Locks&Keys


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